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Accentuate the beauty of your outdoor space with our versatile patios. Our professionals at Lecker Construction of Appleton, WI can build a stylish patio as per your needs. Patios not only appreciate the price value of your property, but can be a great place to spend time with your guests and family too! Add style and elegance to your home with our patios today! Call 920-733-4108 for a FREE estimate!

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• Concrete patios

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Are you in need of a new driveway? We're ready to help. Driveways are the first thing that is noticed by guests while entering your property. You can count on our experienced team to construct a beautiful driveway that will instantly turn heads from on-lookers and friends like never before.

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Elegant Driveways

Are you worried about spending a fortune on your patio and driveway construction needs? Not to worry, we're ready to assist. You'll be delighted to learn that all our construction services are pocket-friendly. Our professionals will closely work with you throughout the project to give you a great outcome without hurting your budget. Get in touch with our friendly team today!

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